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    Mi YunBike C1

    The first electric bike, specially designed for young people.

    Optimization of electrical appliances, high degree of integration, compact placement of the battery, controller and Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Therefore, if you have a desire to disassemble the bike, it will not make much trouble.

    Yun Bike C1 has a built-in three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope; if you need to go downhill, smart bicycle system determines places where you need to put more effort and automatically supplies electric power, so you can effortlessly ride up the hill.

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    Mi YunBike C1

    Bike which understands the youth

    • Made of aluminum alloy
    • Possibility of long-term continuous use
    • Power
    • Smart control

    * All data is provided on the basis of laboratory measurement results, in real life these data may be slightly different.

    Mi YunBike C1 — smart bike for the city

    • City — ease of use in an urban environment
    • Creative — association of innovations and comfort
    • Cloud — smart community
    • Colors — variety of youth colors
    • 16kg — bike weight
    • 75km — acceleration (boost)
    • Smart self-diagnosis — АРР control
    • Braking accuracy — security ensuring


    Embark on a journey around the city.

    Powerful acceleration during the ride.

    Long duration of continuous use

    Explore each city lane

    The presence of the port in the high-density lithium battery, long duration of continuous use, a single charge is enough for 2.5 hours.

    • 25km exclusively on electricity
      Make a circle around the West Lake
    • 75km of assistance
      Make one circle along the 4th Ring Road of Beijing
    • 600 times
      Battery charge circulation
    • Total battery mileage is 40 000km
      One lap around the equator

    Properties of a bicycle with the battery

    Bicycle weight

    95 % of bicycle housing is made of aluminum alloy; as a result its total weight is 16kg.

    Guarantee of reliable and sturdy structure, at the same time the bike is very light and convenient for transportation.

    Electric car with the battery + bicycle = Mi YunBike C1

    There are always lots of people in the city, we understand you perfectly

    The bike has 20-inch tires for easier movement in urban environments. Classic size of BMX bike, which is fully consistent with human height and driving conditions of the city. Saving your living space.

    • Compliance with human height
    • Classic size of 20 inches


    Your bike and your safety

    Independent design work to create a high-performance vehicle, an integrated system of easy and safe braking.

    5 speed modes and their easy shifting

    Smart system of Mi YunBike C1 mechanical drive understands your needs during cycling. Our bicycle has 5 speed modes that are easy to switch.

    • 100 % — relax
    • 75 % — without much effort
    • 50 % — comfortable ride
    • 25 % — light physical work
    • 0 % — active physical work
    • Yellow color — human efforts
    • Blue color — amplification (mechanical)

    86 % energy conversion, resistance reduction by 80 %

    It has become even easier to ride

    YunBike C1 provides the ultra-high performance of power conversion that reaches 86 %. In the absence of power supply magnetic resistance of respective motors with a diameter of 198 decreases by 80 %, as a result, it becomes much easier to drive.

    Smart identification of incline

    Go up as on a level road

    YunBike C1 has a built-in three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope; if you need to go uphill, the bike smart system instantly identifies the places where greater efforts are needed and automatically turns on the power supply, so that you can effortlessly climb up the sloping road.

    Smart brake system

    Power supply termination during braking to ensure your safety

    The traditional brake crank has 6–7 cables while YunBike C1 is only equipped with three. If during braking the electric motor continues to run, it can lead to dangerous situations. Therefore, an integrated smart braking system quickly and accurately stops the power supply for your safety.

    Useful „portable battery”

    Now you do not need to take the charger when going on a journey

    Under the bicycle handlebar there is a USB port through which you can charge all your digital devices. Now you do not need to take the charger when going on a journey.

    8 levels of battery protection

    1. Overheating protection
    The presence of the temperature control device, which provides a safe temperature range for operation of lithium battery.

    2. Short-circuit protection
    A special technical support for the monitoring and control of the battery life in real-time, instant disconnection of power lines, when it detects a short circuit to prevent the bike breakdowns.

    3. Protection against high currents while charging the device
    In case of an excessive electric current, the protection system triggers to prevent the occurrence of damage to electrical lines and to battery itself.

    4. Protection against high currents while charging other devices
    If the output current is excessive, the electric circuit can be automatically interrupted to prevent the damage to electrical lines and to battery itself.

    5. PTC protection
    The device has a special PTC protection system. In case of detecting abnormal operating temperature indicators or output current, protection mechanism automatically limits its use.

    6. Overvoltage protection
    In case of operating temperature or output current abnormal parameters detection, the battery protection system switches on against a possible surge, thus preventing the damage to the battery itself and its major components.

    7. Anti-reverse system
    In case of the charging cable disconnection or a short circuit, the IAR provides battery protection and the electric current interruption.

    8. Protection against excessive battery discharge
    In case of a very low voltage, there can be activated the protection against the excessive discharge of the battery to prevent the damage to its main components.

    Modular design

    Optimization of electrical appliances, high degree of integration, compact and rational location of batteries, controller and Electronic Control Unit (ECU). So if you have a desire to disassemble the bike, it will not cause much trouble.


    Smart self-diagnosis

    Vehicle control in real time

    With the integrated Bluetooth module and the connection to the mobile application, before you hit the road, you can use the smart self-diagnosis function and check the condition of the main details. Take care of your safety.

    * The APP supports Android 4.3 and later, iOS 8.0 and later systems.

    АРР community

    More acquaintances — more communication

    Make new acquaintances through the APP community, find more friends. The „smart bike” provides safe, fun, interesting pastime. Record your conquered tracks and share with your friends what you saw.


    Youth and cheerful colors

    More stylish and bright design

    5 bike colors for your choice.

    Order a special saddle and an individual sticker.

    • Space Gray
    • Fresh White
    • Benz White
    • Elegant Red
    • Burning Orange

    Special stickers

    Slow down, so that everyone around could appreciate your stylish bike.

    Turn on the headlights, secure yourself

    The European standard headlight, 2 modes of running lights and also the high-beam headlamps. A built-in LED indicator, the „eyes” as in BMW.

    A harmonious combination of the rear headlight and a lithium battery, displaying of the remaining charge. Safer cycling at night.

    Youth and unreservedness

    „Numerous changes, radical innovations, impulsiveness of youth”.

    Creation of a special version in orange color through crowdfunding.

    Main characteristics

    • Brand: YunBike
    • Model: C1
    • Dimensions: 1510×560×850mm
    • Seat height: the adjustment range of 850—1025mm
    • Tire size: 20×1—1/8″
    • Frame: aluminum alloy
    • Weight (including the battery): 16kg
    • Maximum load: 120kg
    • Mileage: 75km (maximum mileage with amplification), 25km (maximum mileage with the mechanical drive)
    • Maximum speed: 25 km / h
    • Electric motor: YunBike 36V 180W brushless motor
    • Battery: lithium battery 5.2Ah
    • Charging time: 2.5–3 hours
    • Smart ECU control system: Bluetooth


    • YunBike С1×1 (80 % assembled)
    • Battery х 1
    • Charger х 1
    • Pedals х 2
    • Key х 2
    • Allen wrench х 1
    • Spanner with open end х 1
    • Phone mount х 1
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Xiaomi
    Name YunBike C1
    Type Electric bike
    Frame material Aluminum alloy
    Dimensions 1510 x 560 х 850mm
    Motor YunBike Brushless 36V 180W
    Max speed 25km/h
    Weight 16kg
    Wheel Size 20 x 1–1/8″
    Smart EUC system GPS / GPRS, Bluetooth
    Load bearing capacity 120kg
    Height of the seat 850–1025mm
    Battery Samsung 36V 5.2ah lithium battery
    Charging time 2.3–3h
    Brakes Formula C1
    Light Front LED light
    Wattage: < 200W
    Voltage 36V
    Color White
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YunBike C1 Women`s Fresh White
YunBike C1 Women`s Fresh White