Yi Action Camera Black Travel Kit
Yi Action Camera Black Travel Kit

Yi Action Camera Black Travel Kit

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    Yi Action Camera Black Edition

    Yi Action Camera is a solution for all occasions: you can use it as a main camera, travel or extreme. Have fun, record video and take photos at the same time, synchronize it with your smartphone at any time. Take high-qualitative pictures or videos of everything you’d like.

    Small size — perfect for transportation even in a pocket

    This is a 16-megapixel camera with wide-angle lens and the possibility of high-speed video filming, synchronization with the phone at any time.

    The camera not only delivers high-quality pictures, but also has great characteristics, and its weight is 72g only. So, during the trip or outdoor activities you no longer need to carry an incompact heavy camera.

    Now you shouldn’t make long stops to focus and take a photo. You only need to push the button and you will get an amazing high-quality image with bright and vivid colors. A built-in WiFi adapter will help you to send all files to the smartphone at any time and edit them in a flash. Additional accessories will help you to create unique images. Take the Yi Camera with you, enjoy and have a lot of fun when filming.

    Wide-angle lens (155 ° viewing angle)

    The HD aspheric optics, optical glass lenses made by American team of specialists provide the viewing angle of 155 degrees.

    Thus, the large images with a specific angle will be very expressive and won’t leave you indifferent. You will love what you do.

    Also we have combined the Sony’s CCD with the lens to make each picture creative and full of emotions.

    Amazing selfies while traveling

    Take photos of yourself in any angle

    Especially for travel enthusiasts and people living an active lifestyle there is a special wonderful device for taking photos — the selfie monopod with help of which you can increase the distance from the camera to you up to 71cm. It doesn’t matter whether you want to take a picture of yourself or all your friends in the beautiful landscape, now you can do it easily and quickly. By using WiFi or remote control via Bluetooth, you can take photos with various animals, on the background of cliffs or tall buildings.

    Create frames with special angles

    The Yi Camera will accompany you in traveling by sea, while climbing a high mountain and will capture your descent from the snow-covered slope. This device has a slow-motion function, so you can capture even very fast moves. Take pictures of your pet cat jump in the smallest details. Each photo or video will serve as a wonderful reminder of your amazing adventures.

    Do not change your lifestyle, change your viewing angle!

    A wide range of accessories give more abilities to make fantastic live images

    You shouldn’t be afraid of the lens and that photos will be unnatural and inanimate!

    There is a wide range of accessories created specifically for Yi Action Camera, which will help you to permanently install it on any subject, such as a helmet, a bike, a monopod and even your pet! Don’t think about the shooting process, dive into emotions, and at the same time get the delightful pictures. The combination of the camera with each accessory contributes to your inspiration, new ideas and creativity. Take amazing photos from your car or set the camera to the drone — new and original images are guaranteed.

    In the nearest future there will be released a lot of new additional accessories, so stay tuned.

    Ambarella — the special graphics processor

    For those who don’t like staying at home, the camera is equipped with a special video processor by one of the world’s leading manufacturers. It’s Ambarella A7LS GPU. The combination of an advanced image processing technology, a high-speed shooting, the functions of the dynamic range gain and noise reduction provides the Full HD quality video and allows you to store much more video on the memory card. It’s the only camera with H.264 video compression standard. You will get a high-quality image with incredible color palette.

    Sony image sensor

    Less lighting can also create an unusual effect

    16-megapixel Sony Exmor R CMOS high-sensitive matrix provides an exceptional level of image details with minimal noise. Even in cloudy weather, at night or in other low-light conditions, you will get the picture of excellent quality.

    Remote control via the smartphone

    Take a photo, edit a picture at any time and share it with your friends

    The traditional camera does not allow you to share the vivid photo with your friend quickly. Now, thanks to the Yi Camera mobile application, you can not only take pictures in real time, but also transfer photos and videos to your phone quickly, using the built-in WiFi adapter. In addition, thanks to the editor, you can use the filter settings, background music, or create the hilarious short video, while the support for various social networks allows you to share your photos and videos with friends and get their LIKEs.

    Compact and high-performance

    The latest technologies inside the device the size of a matchbox

    To make an elegant camera with unsurpassed properties, it was necessary to re-design each component part of it. The body of the camera is made of ABS-polycarbonate, the shock-resistant thermoplastic that is technical and durable material. Now you shouldn’t think about the safety of your camera in extreme conditions. Enjoy fun and interesting life capturing the best moments with Xiaomi Yi Action Camera.

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Yi Action Camera Black Travel Kit
Yi Action Camera Black Travel Kit